Hit By a Once in a Life Time Storm

In the Ostar Race In 2017, Mervyn Wheatley was hit by a once in a life time storm.

His boat was hit by a huge wave which knocked her down. The boat took on a lot of water and Mervyn activated his EPIRB. Luckily, he was picked up by the Queen Mary 2, leaving his beloved boat to sink in the Atlantic.

He has since got himself a very nice Bowman 40, and this year he wanted to replace the yankee and staysail. For a customer like this we know that the finishing on the sail is key, which is why we used our Endurance series.

Endurance Series 1

Endurance Series 2

Our Endurance series (or ‘Mervyn spec’ as we now call it!) is perfect for demanding uses like this. Dyneema webbing is used, which is covered with Sunbrella UV where it is visible. We design radial patching in to all our corners and the leech lines have Aluminium cleats with pockets to help keep them protected.

Endurance Series 3

Endurance Series 4

These enhancements make the sail stronger and add more miles and years to the life of the sails. We are very proud of our finishing and, of course, pleased that Mervyn is too!

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