Looking After Your Sails

Looking after your sails

While there are some who never maintain their sails and can often be seen removing the sails from over the top of the mower (their winter retreat) and taking them back to the yacht at the start of the season, there are as many who take things too far. The ones whose wife spends the winter picking their way through boat odds and ends in the living room, which are normally found in the loft, but have been displaced by the mainsail laid out to “rest” in the loft.

The truth is that neither is incorrect, sails are designed to be durable but at the same time the better maintained they are the longer they last. There is however a few things we could all do to elongate the life of our sails. These are things we can do throughout the season and also during winter layup.

The big three things we need to consider when it comes to sails are Ultra Violet (U.V), Salt and Chaffe.