Wing Range

The design of the Ullman Sails Wings range has been a new and exciting challenge. Our design has been driven by the elements and pure fun, on water and on land.

The OSPREY & HAWK are Wings that are perfect for water and excel on land and snow. They offer an intuitive power control. Simply said, Ullman Sails wings are fun whether you Skateboard, Mountain Board, Ski, Snowboard, SUP, Windsurf or Foil board.


Our key focus with the Osprey was to design a Kiteboarding Wing that is easy to handle.

An oversized frame creates a stable platform, giving good power delivery when pumping. The rapid lift and acceleration get you up on the foil sooner. The low aspect ratio and rounded wingtip keep the wing out of the water and in the air. Our re-enforced scuff patches keep the wing protected from your board or occasional ground strikes.

Multiple handles offer intuitive hand placement on any tack. We have covered our handles with neoprene cushioning which offer a comfortable grip even on extended kiteboard sessions. We have incorporated harness loops on the handles for those wishing to use a harness. A handle on the leading edge offers easy handling if the wing becomes inverted, or for holding the wing in a wind neutral position. The Y-handles offer easy hand placement during transitions.

The Dihedral angle makes the wing stable in light and strong winds alike. Our leading-edge and strut geometry make it well suited for SUP riding as well as lower volume hydro-foiling boards.


If you are searching for the endless wave on a foil or simply to cruise on a SUP, the HAWK Wing is perfect.

Deriving our knowledge from kite manufacturing, we have opted for a Twin-Strut Design. This allows accurate control by enabling quick de-power or sheet in and fly, appealing to novices and experienced kiteboard pilots alike.

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