Kite Range

Our kites are great for getting you on the water quickly!

Riders can choose which kite is best suited to their riding style and ability as well as riding conditions.

Our kites are designed to compliment each other to cover your riding style and give you the maximum enjoyment with limited fuss.


Our go-to, go-anywhere kite.

The Ora is a free-ride “sheet and go” kite. Smooth power delivery gives riders confidence to push the envelope.

Good re-launch ability and greater wind range makes this kite a popular choice for novices and experienced kiteboarders alike.


Our Kiteboarding team affectionately refer to the Onyx as the sweet-spot kite. The Onyx is a modern hybrid 3 strut kite. A good all-round performance kite liked by intermediate to advanced riders. The Onyx excels in difficult conditions.

Being an agile, fast turning kite, it is enjoyed by wave riders while the good power delivery generated gives wake-style riders the lift they crave.

Available in a range of sizes: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12

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