Ullman Kiteboarding

As committed kiters, we’ve been waiting for new sail technology to filter into the kite market with bated breath. But it soon became apparent that each season brought with it the same-old with a new marketing spin. So we decided to take the bold step and create the ideal kites we wanted to fly. Welcome to Ullman Kiteboarding!

By owning our manufacturing facility and having access to the latest technology available, this is exactly what we’re doing. We don’t conform to the norm and we dare to explore beyond the horizon.

We have been labeled as crazy innovators and we know we will upset the status quo; but we relish the fact that we can share the stoke with other mavericks who share our vision and enthusiasm for the sport.

Ullman Kiteboarding combines all the technical knowledge from our strong sail-making background with passion, innovation and a deep love of the sea.

Our Ambition: An Eco-friendly Facility

Our journey is just beginning, but we’re already working towards an energy efficient and carbon neutral production facility. We re-purpose waste fabric into functional gear. And we do this with the intention of minimising our carbon footprint and being less harmful to the environment we love.

Experience passion at play.
Experience Ullman Kiteboarding.

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