Super Yacht Series

The Super Yacht Series market has been evolving quickly in recent years. We have used our design and manufacturing expertise to provide Super Yacht skippers and owners a product they expect, offering a high standard of construction and performance coupled with comprehensive service from a worldwide group.

Our international design team offers the level of experience required when working on such high-load, custom projects. The team’s close working relationship with both cloth manufacturers and the design software developers at SMAR Azure means that each project is designed, analyzed and completed with the optimum results.

In addition to offering paneled sails, the developments in membrane technology mean that we can offer a strong, light and reliable product to the Super Yacht market.

Sailmaking is a combination of engineering and art, yet when it comes to super yacht sails these elements are magnified tenfold. You need to trust your sails to an experienced team who can deliver a well-engineered product of the finest quality.

Trusted Super Yacht Experience

Ullman Sails South Africa has been trusted by several international sailmaking brands to build sails for some of the largest and most technologically advanced sailboats in the world. The caliber of the projects that have crossed this production floor is impressive, including sails for luxury yachts as large as 75meters, and hundreds more.

The Ullman Sails loft in Cape Town is one of the few manufacturing facilities in the world large enough to suitably manage super yacht production. Our loft is a total of 6000 sqm, ensuring we can move and build each sail with care. We also have the required machinery and tooling, whether it be to sew through inch-thick corner patching or install luff hardware reinforcements.

Superior Membrane Sail Production

Our state-of-the-art membrane facility in Cape Town is internationally recognized for the superior lamination and precise construction. Great care is taken in the selection of our membrane components from the fibers and glue to the mylars and taffetas. There is no size restriction on membrane production—our ‘long-arm’ machine enables us to string sails for boats of any size.

Superior sail design tools

Ullman Sails uses the AzureProject, SMAR Azure’s comprehensive suite of 3D design tools based on the award-winning technology developed by Dr. Sabrina Malpede. AzureProject enables our team to design and optimize flying sail-shapes. Ullman Sails has worked with the AzureProject since 2008 and has collaborated with SMAR Azure to optimize the program and develop new functionality and tools.

SMAR Azure also delivers cutting-edge numerical analysis tools that, if required by the client, could be seamlessly added to the Ullman Sails design phase to address the aero and structural aspects of a custom super yacht project. Long before production begins, the AzureProject tools would enable predicting optimal shape for rig specifications and ensure the necessary sail structure for rig loads and hull weight.

Partnership with Industry Leaders

Ullman Sails is uncompromising when selecting the materials to engineer our sails. We believe that you must work with the best in order to produce the best. We only use the recognized vendors in the industry: Contender SailclothDimension-PolyantBainbridge InternationalChallenge SailclothSMAR AzureRutgersonAntalC-Tech BattensRBS Battens, and Sunbrella, just to name a few. And we never stop looking forward—we continue to research new materials and the latest technological developments to improve our product and better meet the needs of our customers.

Super Yacht Project Management

Personalised customer service is unquestionably a key piece of providing the best product in the world. The Ullman Sails team can provide an elite team of sailors and salesman who will ensure the sail will meet the needs of the owner from conception and design, production to installation, and sailing to ongoing maintenance. Our team will go the extra mile to exceed expectation.

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for your Super Yacht project.