The multihull is one of sail making’s unique challenges. Ranging from beach racers to ocean-going record breakers, they offer a level of performance unrivalled in the wider aspects of our sport.

These performance advantages are accompanied by specific mast and sail challenges and you will find Ullman Sails as a recognised expert in the field. Equally at home on the Tornado as on the Extreme 40 or a charter catamaran, Ullman Sails uses their multihull experience to create the ultimate in performance, longevity, and usability.

Production Multihull Sails

Ullman Sails is a well-known manufacturer for the OEM yachting market. The brand is known for our promise of a consistent product, delivered consistently, at competitive pricing throughout the world. What really sets the brand apart is we don’t just offer a standard stock line of inexpensive cruising sails – we work directly with the manufacturers and their customers to build sails that work for the exact boat specifications and sailing style.

Some of Ullman Sails’ custom and production catamaran sails include those built for the likes of Two Oceans, Leopard, Nexus and Balance Catamarans.