Red Line Spinnakers

Ullman Sails Red Line Spinnakers are designed to be fast, stable and easy to fly on the racecourse. Every sail in our Red Line Series is optimized for smoother, aerodynamic flow that generates power and performance, translating into greater boat speed.

Red Line racing spinnakers are available in a selection of high-quality, brand-name performance spinnaker fabric. Ullman Sails works directly with you to determine which cloth and weight best matches your racing style and performance expectations.

Our complete range of racing spinnakers covers all apparent wind angles and conditions. Each coded spinnaker is developed to optimal performance within the parameter of the sail’s intended use. Ullman Sails can help you determine the best selection for your inventory.

Red Line Asymmetrical Series

Ullman Sails has become the leader in asymmetrical spinnaker development, dating back to early testing and success in one design classes like the Melges 24, J/105, J/120 and skiffs. Today, One Design is still the foundation of our sail development program for all sizes of boats.

Ullman Sails Racing Spinnakers

Code Zero

The Code Zero has been around for 20 years as an asymmetric spinnaker that works like a genoa. Designed with a mid-girth that is more than 75% of the foot length, this sail is used for upwind and close reach sailing.

Red Line Symmetrical Series

Ullman Sails symmetrical racing spinnakers are designed specifically to maximise projected sail area, giving you performance and boat speed on the race course. Each sail is optimized to your personal boat specifications and desired performance expectations, making Ullman Red Line spinnakers an excellent choice for your downwind racing inventory.

Standard Specifications

  • Radial construction
  • Low-stretch Dacron leech tape
  • Sail numbers
  • Polyester leech and foot cords
  • Luff cords
  • Stainless steel rings

Available Upgrades

  • Custom graphics
  • Retriever patch
  • Glued-only seams
  • Standard V trim stripes
  • Glow-in-the-dark V trim stripes

Use our Spinnaker Customiser to create your perfect personalised sail.