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The core focus of the Ullman Sails group for the past 40+ years has been one design sail development program. Our sailmakers have been successful in creating the fastest sails for a wide range of classes. Everything else we do is an extension of our one design effort. We have brought this passion for sailmaking to the Optimist Class.

The Optimist racing designs originated from a collaboration between our French and Italian lofts. Our intent was to design a sail that can win world-class regattas and also be easy for a beginner to set up and sail to his potential. Through this collaboration, many sails were designed and tested over the past years. The result was the HORUS designs. These designs saw success in regattas throughout Europe.

Our global network of sail designers and class experts are further facilitating sail development and sailor support. The design team started with our proven designs and refined them to create the new Optimini XC, Optimus XC, and Optimax XC designs. These new designs were conceived by a team of Ullman Sails’ top sail designers using the latest design and optimisation software from SMAR-Azure. The result are Optimist sails with highly refined flying shapes that are easy to set up and allow sailors to achieve repeatable speed right out of the bag.

Inventory Overview

Ullman Sails offers four different race models designed to match your size and sailing style:

  • Optimini XC – For light crew
  • Optimus XC – For medium crew
  • Optimax XC – For heavy crew
  • Training Design

Optimini XC

A cross-cut sail designed to be flatter so as not to get easily overpowered, best for sailors under 42 kg (93 lbs)

Optimus XC

A slightly fuller sail, built using a cross-cut design that is best for average-sized sailors between 42 and 54kg (93-117lbs)

Optimax XC

Our fullest sail, also using a cross-cut design.  Best for heavier sailors over 54kg (119lbs+)

Standard Features: Tube Bag, Royalty Button, Blue Class Insignia, Sail Ties, Vision Windows, Battens

Training Design cross-cut Mainsail

Built using a slightly heavier material, this sail is great for training and practice.  The added weight gives the sail greater longevity and durability.

Standard Features: Tube Bag, Blue Class Insignia, Battens, Sail Ties

Optimist at the Ullman Sails UK Store

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Racing and Tuning Guides

Optimist Racing and Tuning Guide

Optimist Class Links

Optimist Class Website: http://www.optiworld.org/
Optimist Class Rules: http://www.optiworld.org/default/classinfo/content/id/Optimist-class-rules/category/Technical

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