J/80 Sails

J/80 Mainsail

Ullman Sails offers a time-tested and winning mainsail design – the J/80 AP Mainsail from Ullman Sails. This sail, an elegantly designed radial-cut Dacron sail, offers exceptional performance across the wind range and at every point of sail.  An extensive sail development program led to Ullman Sails customers claiming a World Championship Title in the class with a full Ullman Sails inventory, our designs today continue to offer exceptional speed and performance.

J/80 Jibs

AP Dacron Jib

For those looking for long-lasting performance, our radial-cut Dacron jib is perfect. A proven design offers significant power through the wind range. Further, as the sail is built from trustworthy Dacron, you know you’ll have your sails for many regattas to come.

AP FiberPath Jib

Built to be as light and durable as possible, our FiberPath sail is meant for extremely competitive racers looking to push their inventory’s performance. Our FiberPath design offers exceptional load handling giving your sail an extended performance life, and the greatest ability to hold its designed performance shape.

J/80 Spinnaker

The Ullman Sails J/80 tri-radial Spinnaker offers swift sailing through the wind-range. Built with superior quality spinnaker cloth, this sail is exceptional at retaining its full shape and capturing as much pressure as possible, giving you an added edge downwind.

PHRF or Handicap Sail Options

Ullman Sails also offers many options for sailors looking to use their J/80 for PHRF or other Handicap racing.  Contact your local Ullman Sails loft for details.

J/80 Class Links

J-Boats Website: http://www.jboats.com/
J/80 Class Rules: https://www.j80.org/class-rules

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