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J/24 Mainsail

Ullman Sails offers a powerful and swift Dacron Class Mainsail.  This sail, which took 2nd overall at the 2015 U.S. National Championships, features exceptional upwind performance and power downwind.

J/24 Jib and Genoas

Class AP Jib

The Class AP Jib, built from Dacron in a tri-radial panel layout, offers easy-to-trim sailing with extended sail life and durability. With Dacron, the sail’s life is extended, and its added weight offering superior ability to handle rough conditions.

FiberPath Genoa

Our newest J/24 sail design is our fastest yet. Its FiberPath construction offers superior load-handling and is built to be as light as possible. This sail is able to hold its original performance shape longer than any other sail we offer – built using 100% Twaron fibres this sail is the ideal for sailors performing on the Grand Prix level in the class.

Tri-Radial Genoa – Aramid or Pentex

This sail uses the same design as our championship FiberPath genoa but uses a proven standard tri-radial construction with either Aramid or Pentex specified as your fibre option. These sails perform across the wind range with a little more durability, but heavier aloft than our FiberPath technology.

J/24 Spinnaker

The Ullman Sails J/24 AP Class Spinnaker offers exceptional performance through the wind range.  Built with superior quality spinnaker cloth, this sail is exceptional at retaining its full shape and capturing as much pressure as possible.  It is a must for your J/24’s performance.

Racing and Tuning Guides

J/24 Tuning Chart

J/24 Class Links

J Boats Website: http://www.jboats.com/
J/24 Class Rules: http://www.j24class.org/rules-regulations/class-rules/

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