Foxer Dinghy

The Foxer dinghy is easy to sail and race as a sailing dinghy. It can be rowed and can readily be used as a yacht tender. Because of of inner hull moulding the Foxer dinghy is comfortable to sit in. It has enough built in buoyancy between the hulls to keep it afloat with 2 full grown men in it. It cannot sink unless holed.

The Foxer is quick to rig and launch. It is capable of taking a family, or several friends afloat together, in comfort. With her traditional high topsides even the more reluctant sailors feel secure and for adults teaching youngsters, confidence is built up quickly, allowing the novice to take over.

For recreational sailing or racing, for use as a tender, rowing or motoring, a Foxer gives total satisfaction and joy. The Foxer is a boat you sail IN rather than ON. Her exceptional stability and simple to control rig means there is no need to perch on her sides or hang overboard when sailing to windward – aged 8 to 80 with any degree of physical fitness you can sail within your limits, while enjoying her outstanding sailing qualities and safety.

The Foxer dinghy does well with a small outboard motor (about 2 to 4hp) and can be lifted on davits with the motor fitted when used as a yacht tender. As a yacht tender the Foxer dinghy can be rowed, motorised or sailed.

Foxer Specifications

Crew: 1 man crew, can take up to 2 safely.
Dimensions: 3.25 meters in length and ±78kg.
Sail Area: 6.3 square meters.
Class: Restricted (hull shape remains the same from year to year)
Characteristics: Versatile, stable and simple to control.
Difficulty Level: Beginner

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