Dragon Sails

Dragon Mainsail

Dragon AP Main 

The Ullman Sails Dragon Dacron mainsail uses a cross-cut panel layout and superior design which lends the sail to better twist. This makes the sail easier to open and shape in light air and easier to de-power in heavy breeze. It also utilises a firm Polypreg finish which increases diagonal stability in the sail. 

Dragon Jibs

Dragon Light Jib

For use in 0-7 knots of breeze the sail has a round shape that makes it easy to trim and steer the boat. Its lighter weight also means it fills more easily in drifter conditions.

Dragon AP Jib

Built a little heavier than the Light Jib the sail is a great all around sail if you are looking to minimise your sail inventory. The sail does not collapse in the lighter breeze and is sturdy enough to hold its shape as the wind picks up.

Dragon Heavy Jib

The heavy jib is designed similarly to the AP jib but constructed with a heavier material. The sails are stronger giving them greater durability and shape-holding qualities in windy conditions making it easier to trim.

Dragon Spinnakers

Dragon Class Spinnaker

With superior stability and durability, the class spinnaker offers exceptional performance for off-wind sailing. Meets all requirements for class rules.

Dragon Class Links:

Dragon Class Website: http://www.intdragon.net/
Dragon Class Rules:  http://www.intdragon.net/rules_class.php

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