2.4 Metre

2.4 Metre Sails

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2.4 Meter Mainsail

Ullman Sails uses premium Dacron to offer sailors top performance, low-stretch sails that are built to handle off-threadline loads.  Further, the sails feature a rip-stop weave and an HTP finish giving you added performance.  A cross-cut construction is used, offering greater longevity and ease of use through the wind range.

Mainsails come standard with four leech battens.

2.4 Meter Jib

The Ullman Sails 2.4m jib utilises the same premium Dacron as the 2.4m mainsail in a cross-cut construction, similarly offering durable sails and an easy trimming experience.

Jibs come standard with press-button studs on the luff.

Racing and Tuning Guides Available:

2.4 Meter Racing Guide

2.4 Meter Class Links

2.4m Class Website: http://www.inter24metre.org/
2.4m Class Rules:  http://www.inter24metre.org/24mr-ica/24mr-class-rules/

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