FiberPath Sails

The Ullman Sails FiberPath Sails are the premier racing product. Designed to the highest standards, specifically for competition and pro sailors, Ullman Sails FiberPath sails are built to be lightweight, low stretch and strong, giving you superior performance and speed on the racecourse. Every FiberPath sail is custom-designed and lightweight. Our designers lay out the path of the fibres to perfectly align with the expected loads of the sail, accounting for differences in fibre characteristics such as stretch and durability.

FiberPath Grand Prix

Due to the exceptional load management characteristics of FiberPath, these sails have the greatest shape holding abilities available. These features combine to make the sails the fastest on the water.

FiberPath Regatta

These custom membrane sails are built to be lightweight, low stretch, and like FiberPath Grand Prix, have the option of an additional light, rugged ‘skin’ (distinct from Taffetas) that increases racing life with minimal weight gain.

FiberPath Sport

These sails utilise the same technology as our FiberPath Grand Prix and Regatta products. Featuring aramid or polyester, FiberPath Sport offers racers some performance advantages of a FiberPath Grand Prix or Regatta custom membrane at a more competitive price.

Fiber Selection and Performance

All FiberPath sails are designed by the Ullman Sails Design Team and built at our state-of-the-art lamination plant. Through a high-pressure, high-heat lamination process we have developed a stronger and more durable laminate than other membranes on the market. Your Ullman Sails consultant can help you determine the blend of fibres that best match your performance needs.

Advanced Sail Design

The Ullman Sails Design Team has extensive experience designing and testing for a range of successful projects including Olympic campaigns; the America’s Cup; numerous One Design classes; and rating rules. Using the SMAR AZURE® AzureProject 3-D design software, computer analytics and two-boat testing, Ullman Sails is able to optimize every sail shape for outstanding, long-term performance. Their efforts have consistently produced fast, efficient sail shapes that produce winning results on every type of racecourse worldwide.

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