Voyager Series

Voyager Series sails exclusively use high-end materials and are custom-built for your yacht. The combination of exceptional design, construction and materials means that these sails will hold their optimal sail shape over a wider wind range and keep your sails performing longer – no matter what conditions you face.

The Voyager Series offers premium cruising sails for luxury yachts and high-performance cruisers. Using the latest sailmaking technology and materials combined with proven construction methods and design, Ullman Sails delivers you a superior product. The finishing details on Voyager Series are upgraded from the Ullman Endurance Series. These construction enhancements are added to make the sail stronger; and add more miles and years to the life of your sail.

Cloth Selection and Performance
  • FiberPath Enduro: This high performance, durable custom string laminate was developed from state-of-the-art grand prix racing technology.
  • UltraCruise: UltraCruise sails utilize premium brand-name cloth to build a sail with the greatest durability and longevity achievable.
  • Carbon/Dyneema Tri-Radial Laminate: These sails are an ideal option when considering a high end, lightweight performance cruising sail.

Gore® Tenara® Thread: Voyager Series sails come standard with Gore® Tenara® thread used on all seaming and on UV covers. Gore® Tenara® thread is hydrophobic and completely unaffected by UV degradation, salt water, extreme weather, chemicals, acid rain and more. Voyager Series sails can be further upgraded to use 100% Gore® Tenara® thread for all stitching on the sail.

Strength in the Details
  • Radial-point style patching with inside layer for FiberPath products
  • Gore® Tenara® thread used on all seaming and UV covers
  • Reinforcing patches for hanks and slides
  • Stainless steel rings with Spectra/Dyneema backup webbing
  • Multiple rows of triple-step stitching on every seam
  • Additional reinforcements at each hank or slide
  • Aluminum headboards with stainless steel liners
  • Draft stripes
  • Telltales
  • Reinforced batten pockets
  • Vinylester battens
  • Hanks or slides
Available Upgrades
  • Use 100% Gore® Tenara® thread stitching
  • Leather finishing on corners
  • Anti-mildew treatment
  • Additional reefs for mainsails
  • Foam luff for headsails
  • U.V. covers/treatment for furling sails
  • Sail numbers
  • Full-length battens