About Us

Ullman Sails is a global sailmaking super power, but we would hate to think that this is all we are.

A trip to the sailmaker used to mean a trip to the sail loft, a few pleasant hours looking at fabrics and machinery. A small amount of good natured haggling and then a handshake to seal the deal. A few weeks later the new sail would be ready and a short trip out to check the sail would ensue.

Many people have maligned the passing of these days as now modern technology has lead to orders being placed online. Modern fabrics, computer design and vast data banks of empirical information have decreased the need for the sailmaker to visit the yacht. It appears that the days of customer service have been replaced with the email and standardisation.

We at Ullman Sails feel that the days of customer service and a good relationship between sailmaker and client should not be put out to pasture just yet. We pride ourselves on the technology that we incorporate into our sails but it is no substitute for knowing the boat and the client. It is this that sets us apart from other sail lofts.

This is why we strive to provide you with not only the fastest sails on the planet but a great service and a feeling that all you have to do is ring and ask, no matter what the question.

Any boat should be viewed as a journey, from initial purchase through preparation, maintenance and through to the achieving of the goal and eventual sale of the vessel. At Ullman Sails we have a range of products aimed at helping you achieve those dreams.

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