Getting Out on the Water

Get out on the water

So now you are dressed, have done a course and are looking to do some more sailing. The best way is to crew for someone. Cruising or racing, there are always people on the lookout for another pair of hands. You can commit to a long term arrangement or if I were you I would look to sail on as many different boats in as many different places as possible. The beauty of sailing is its infinite variety and to appreciate which bit you like to most you need to broaden your experience.

There are many ways to get a crewing job on a boat. You can walk into the local sailing club and ask, pin a notice on the board, join organisations like crew seekers or just walk the dock at the local marina. We have a service available through Ullman Sails Crew on facebook. Even if you don’t feel like using it yet, sign up. The more opportunity you see the more likely you are to use it. Always be careful of what you are signing up to. Any trip can be hazardous so make sure the vessel is sea worthy and ask around in the club and check out the guys credentials. You might get stuck with the yacht club bore (they all have them) but at least you will be safe. Oh and don’t forget to take your own lifejacket.