When woven fabrics are produced they are coated with a range of different products designed to reduce mildew growth, stiffen the fabric and smooth the surface. As the fabric ages these finishes break down and reduce the sails performance and strength.

At Ullman Sails we can offer two options to improve sails by applying coatings.

Novosail full system coats our laundered sails and replaces some of these coatings greatly improving the sails stability and performance. Sails washed using the Novosail system have proven to last up to 40% longer than using other laundry systems.

Seal n Glide is the ultimate performance finish, based on “nano” technology, for significantly reducing the friction of sail surfaces. Used mainly on mainsails, headsails and spinnakers, this unique system offers “nano” technology creating a slippery, water and dirt repellent surface glaze which also gives fungicidal and UV protection.

  • Faster sail setting – thanks to reduced friction
  • Prevents sail snagging on rigs or fittings
  • Increases cloth stability
  • Use on bolt ropes for easy hoists
  • Increases the sailcloth tear strength
  • Resistant to sail washing detergents
  • Reduced weight aloft – due to lower water absorbtion
  • Non stick tell-tales – giving a clear advantage in competition

This coating has proven a huge success not only for improved performance of race sails but also by increasing the tear strength of cruising chutes and easing the sail in and out of a snuffer.

If you are tearing your spinnaker regularly, if the gennaker wont go into the chute without snagging or tearing or if you are tired of wet spinnakers wrapping then come and talk to us about Seal and Glide.