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gennaker furler

A furler is the ideal system to set and strike light sails. In a race utilizing multiple furlers for various sails, Karver offers the advantage of roller furling without the weight and windage of a conventional roller reefing systems. K.F. Furlers optimize sail handling with minimal weight aloft.

Karver is an industry leader in this concept offering a complete range of superior products for all sailors.

Exclusive Advantages of Karver Furlers
The spool or lower mechanism attached to the deck:
An elastic impact resistant plastic cover encloses the spool. In the event of an impact it resists all permanent deformation that may restrict or interfere with the systems ability to rotate. The plastic cover avoids potential scratches and tears that may occur with a metallic covers when the mechanism is taken off or stored with the sails and sheets.
Engaging the loop line (patented):
K.F. Furlers have a notch on the spool allowing fitting or removal of the loop line with out removing the line cover or dismounting the system.
  • Eliminates the need to remove the cover and avoids the risk of loosing small parts (screws, pins…).
  • Keeps the mechanism closer to the deck by avoiding the necessary displacement required for removable covers.
  • The loop line is simply and quickly engaged or removed from the spool through the notch.
  • Increases available luff length by minimizing the height of the spool and tack fitting.
The swivel or upper mechanism:
  • The loads applied to a furler are particularly high on the swivel. Karver utilizes high resistance stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation under the most extreme loads.
  • All K.F. Furlers are maintenance free and protected by a special anodizing with Teflon impregnation.
  • No pins or small parts to loose.
  • Simple attachment systems provide for a conventional snap shackle or a 2:1 block either on top of the swivel or below the spool.
  • H.R. Shackles and specials thimbles (aluminium or stainless steel) are also available for each furler.
Reefing or furling systems?

Unlike conventional reefing systems that are fixed to the stay and have rigid extrusions, a furler is a light cast off system that allows ease of deploying and striking a sail with the added convenience of lowering and storage of the rolled sail, minimizing weight and windage aloft.

The rolled sail is easily removed from the sail locker, the drum attached to the deck and a halyard attached to the swivel. Raise the rolled sail and simple unroll it and set the sheets. In addition a single furler may be utilized on numerous sails (gennaker, staysail, stormsail,...) improving sail handling and overall safety aboard.

Self Locking Drum:
All our fulers are fitted with a self locking drum.
The drum itself is machined to finish in a self locking”V” groove allowing the furling line to grip and rotate the drum.
The furling line is spliced (or lashed) into a continuous line, allowing unlimited furling. (Ideal for large overlapping sails).
The drum being of a larger diameter than a conventional single line furler, gives more torque for the same pulling force, therefore making furling easier.
The height of the drum is also greatly reduced, putting the tack of the sail lower to the deck (for a more efficient sail).
Flying sails furler:
Mainly used for gennaker but also for storm sails, the furled sail is easily hoisted and removed.
Our quick released pin system allows to use different sails on a same system
A lock combined to our furler:
The lock mechanism holds the top swivel aloft and is all automatic with the locking and unlocking of the sail controlled by the halyard.
The head of the sail being fixed, tension in the luff is then applied through a block and tackle mounted under the drum itself.
  • No more loaded halyard therefore halyard could be reduced in diameter
  • No more 2 :1 block on the swivel, reducing the overall length of halyard on deck and saving crucial weight aloft.
  • Less compression in the mast since no more halyard load. All the force on the luff going directly in reducing luff sag and not holding the sail.
  • No more trip line than could be in the way: automatic locking and unlocking system using the halyard.
Structural Furlers:
  • The StayFurler is a structural furler that stays permanently in position.
  • The drum is fitted on deck and connected to the top swivel by an anti-twist textile cable that replaces the headstay.
  • The sail is lashed to the swivel or locked on the swivel to be able to lower it easily.
  • The weight saved compare to classical reefing system (fixed rod stay + mechanism) is approximately 70%!
  • Uses being multiple and personalized, don’t hesitate to contact us for more infos.
Example of a 60' Open monohull :

1) The Gennaker:
On a 2/1 or 3/1 halyard. It allows the use of a large sail for light air or downwind sailing that can be rolled, lowered and quickly stored when sailing upwind.

2) The Genoa:
Always up, the systems includes a textile forestay around which the sail is rolled. It is light and provides a very good leading edge to the sail.

3) The Solent:
Fixed or removable it replaces the genoa in stronger winds and move the sail centre of effort backwards. A 3/1 purchase can be fitted on the swivel or under the drum to adjust the luff tension.

4) The Staysail/Storm Jib:
Used in strong winds this sail does not stay up but is quickly put in place or dropped with a 2/1 halyard.

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